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Third-Party Plan Review Service


KELLY P. REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES, INC. offers, a comprehensive, third-party plan review service. Specializing in the new International Codes and the legacy codes (BOCA, SBCCI, UBC, NFPA)

The firm is recognized for it's fire and life safety consulting and it's outstanding Seminars:

• Principles of the International Building Code
• "Built To Code " - International Residential Code

As a former Chief Fire Protection Engineer with BOCA¨ International, KELLY P. REYNOLDS is an experienced veteran in plan review, code interpretations, code evaluation and training. He has received numerous awards from code officials and trade associations for his excellence in serving the code community.

Mr. Reynolds leads a uniquely qualified team of review technicians and former code officials. All members of the KPR&A team are certified by I.C.C. in their particular fields of code expertise.

For Code Officials

KPR&A is your answer to agency backlogs of submissions of complex building plans and specifications.

You can expand your staff - temporarily and economically - during peak building cycles, which increases department productivity, permitting more time for administrative and field inspection functions. Your department can accept plans for any size project.

KPR&A assures you a complete and thorough plan review of each project including a written report citing specific sections of the applicable Codes.

No project is too big or too small and all plan reviews receive the same personalized service. Your department also enjoys unlimited step-by-step telephone consultation during the entire project review.

And the cost?

All plan review fees can be passed on to the permit holder as is permitted under the Code. Of course, this means no direct budget expense for your department - whatever!


Our services include:
A complete and accurate review of all plans and specifications based on the adopted building codes;
A complete review of the building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler, accessibility codes and standards;
Code review conferences with your department and the permit applicant to discuss and review our plan review report comments;
All reports issued via e-mail with a hard copy follow up;
We require two(2) sets of plans and specifications to be submitted for review;
All reviews preformed within ten(10) working days. Express Reviews of three(3) working days are available at and additional fee;


Please Contact Us for Our Plan Review Fees
1.800.950.CODE (2633)


Download the Plan Review Request Form
The form is Adobe pdf Format